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corporate information

GR Intrachem Limited is Hyderabad, India based a 100% Export oriented Unit

engaged in the manufacturing of fine chemicals, specialty chemicals and

custom synthesis.

We enjoy a tradition of about 12 years in delivering superior quality compounds, customized solutions on kg to ton levels.

Backed by an agile management and an experienced research team, we at GR Intrachem always look forward for an opportunity to partner you in your research efforts.

We have a hugely experienced research team headed by Dr. V Lakshminarayana who has a vast experience (~33 years) in the field of developing specialty chemicals. He is engaged in developing new technologies for production of complex molecules at laboratory, pilot and plant scale.

We have established a good R&D facility, ably supported by a very well equipped QA/QC team with all dedicated modern instruments.

Some of the specialty areas where we have developed expertise are carbohydrate chemistry (Glucuronides, glycosides, phosphates, thiosugars, protected nucleosides and nucleotides, etc.), Boron chemistry (Boranes, Boronic acids, etc.), Furan based compounds ( mono-, di- and tri-substituted furan derivatives), and Organometallic compounds ( like Lithium, Sodium and Magnesium compounds, etc.). We have also developed a fair number of Enzyme Substrates ( Glucopyranosides, substituted 3-Indolyl derivatives like X Gal, Magenta Gal, etc.) and other Heterocyclic compounds based on pyrazoles, fused thiophenes, pyrimidines, etc.
We have standardized our process development, analytical testing, and QA/QC processes. This has enabled us to create a niche for ourselves by meeting our client’s requirements with quality products at par with international standards.

We have developed a good infrastructure to carry out complex organic reactions at very low and high temperatures on pilot and plant scale. The manufacturing facility is well equipped to produce products from few Kg to thousands of kilos with complex chemistry.